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The Forge site is located at 625 Poinsett Highway.  It has the following specifications:

Current ownerGreenville County Redevelopment Authority
Size4.4 acres
AccessThree sides, Hammett Street Extension (Poinsett Highway), Henry Street and Goldsmith Street.
Currently zonedI-1
Environmental statusCleared for commercial or industrial development

GCRA is looking for a development partner or developer who will provide a signature project that will enhance the improvement of the Poinsett Highway Corridor. While sale of the property is an option, the quality of the project is more important.  The GRC is acting as the agent for the GCRA in its effort to market this property. A market study for this quarter has been performed. Copies are available upon request.

Contact information: Greenville Revitalization Corporation, 301 University Ridge, Suite 2500, Greenville, South Carolina 29601, (864) 243-9801 ext. 122, Doug Dent, email: ddent@greenvillerevitalization.org