The Rising at Woodside Corners

Current state of the property

GRC’s purchase of the corner property at Woodside and Parker Avenue will lead to the first brand new construction in the areas surrounding Woodside and Monaghan Mills in 50 years.

The newest development reinstills the GRC’s dedication to revitalizing the Textile Crescent with new property development, while retaining the heritage from the area’s past.

Architectural rendering of the proposed project

The Textile Crescent Addition

This isn’t a refurbished or remodeled building, but rather a completely new addition to the Textile Crescent. While the property will usher in a new era of economic development to the Textile Crescent, the building will inherit the historic aesthetics of the area through its brick exterior.

GRC will be able to bring new employment opportunities to the area as well as affordable housing. The building will be a mixed-use development featuring commercial tenants on the 1st floor and affordable residential housing on the 2nd floor.

We look forward to revealing more as construction approaches. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact methods below.

Contact information: Greenville Revitalization Corporation, 301 University Ridge, Suite 2500, Greenville, South Carolina 29601, (864) 243-9801 ext. 122, Doug Dent, email: