Poinsett Corridor


When it comes to opportunity, Greenville just about has it all. Visionary companies. World class manufacturers. A top-tier workforce. There’s just one thing that could make this community even stronger: more places where people can be trained and connected with the companies that so desperately need them.

That’s exactly what GRC aims to do with the Forge Project. Located on the Poinsett Highway just minutes from downtown Greenville and major interstates, this shovel-ready, 4.4-acre site is surrounded by an available job force – many of them searching for work and occupational training. With these qualities, the site has immeasurable potential to create jobs and bring opportunity back to this historic community.

The Right Partner to Turn Greenville’s Next Big Thing into Reality

To ensure that the Forge project has the greatest impact on the Poinsett Corridor, GRC has performed a market study of the area to identify the most beneficial use of the property. The right partner will serve as a catalyst to revitalize not just the site itself, but the entire corridor. When this site is developed for office, retail or commercial use, it will bring new services and employment to the local community. But the impact won’t stop there. By mobilizing the area’s workforce and invigorating the local economy, this project will breathe new life into the entire corridor and lead to future opportunities for growth and development.

The infrastructure is already in place. The inspections are done and the workforce is there. All that’s needed is the right partner to turn Greenville’s Next Big Thing into reality.

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