Monaghan Textile Heritage

Sprawling over 325 acres near the Reedy River and just a few blocks away from the Swamp Rabbit Trail, Monaghan Mill was once the crown jewel of Greenville’s textile industry. Home to a successful mill, a vibrant village and hundreds of hard-working men and women, Monaghan was instrumental in shaping the Greenville we know today. But after being converted into modern loft apartments in 2004, little evidence remains of the community’s colorful heritage.

Paying Tribute to the Heritage of the Textile Crescent Area

Now, it’s time for that story to be told. In 2015, GRC was given the deed to the old mill’s parking lot, a 6-acre piece of land across the street from the mill. In cooperation with the Greenville Textile Heritage Society, the abandoned plot has been transformed into a park that pays homage to Greenville’s once-thriving textile mills. With walking trails, green space, a neighborhood garden, an event venue and information about the area’s history, the park will breathe new life into the historic mill neighborhood and introduce a new generation of visitors to the industry that put Greenville on the map.

While the park is designed to honor Greenville’s past, it’s also aiming to protect its future. The surrounding neighborhood is home to a vibrant urban wildlife habitat, including a stream that flows into the Reedy River. The future park will include signage to teach visitors about water quality and conservation and encourage them to help preserve Greenville’s waterways.

Funds are being raised for the next phase of the park’s construction. Anyone interested in contributing financially or providing service materials should contact GRC by phone or email.


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Buy a Brick for the Mill Walk!

Visitors to the park can enjoy taking a stroll through history with the Mill Walk, courtesy of the Greenville Textile Heritage Society. Each of the mill plaques along the Mill Walk is dedicated to one of the 13 mills that once operated in Greenville County. You can read about the history of each mill and even buy a brick! Many folks in Greenville want to give thanks to a parent or grandparent who worked in a mill and lived in a mill village. Buying a brick in their name is a perfect way to honor the many years of hard work that went into making Greenville the Textile Capital of the World.

Would you like to buy a brick? Click here to download the order form. 

A two-line brick is $75 and a three-line brick is $100. All contributions are tax-deductible. Make checks payable to Greenville Revitalization Corporation, C/O P.O. Box 8416, Greenville, SC 29604