Greenville Revitalization Corporation is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt economic development organization for Greenville County in South Carolina. Our purpose is to strengthen the local economy, particularly the communities of Greenville’s historic “Textile Crescent.” We do this by developing land and properties that will bring opportunity for the deserving people of this area.sdf

Our Story

Several years ago, the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority developed a strategic plan which specified an increase in efforts at economic development in low-income neighborhoods. Many of these neighborhoods were former textile mill communities and adjacent neighborhoods which formed an area known as the “Textile Crescent” in the northern and western portions of Greenville County. The GCRA Board concluded that while housing and other amenities had improved in those communities, unemployment remained high and the residents still struggled economically.

After meeting with many community leaders in the areas of economic development, real estate and community services, GCRA determined none of the traditional development agencies were focused on these former textile areas. If lasting economic development was going to take place, there had to be an unconventional approach.

Greenville Revitalization Corporation was formed in 2012 to be the economic development arm of GCRA, giving it access to economic development funds that are not available to a government agency. It has obtained tax-exempt status pursuant to Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code and has a strong and active Board of Directors. Working in concert with GCRA on specific projects, the two organizations provide a dynamic duo that has already developed several projects and has a great potential for future success.

Our mission was captured in plain terms by former GRC Board Chairman Joe Erwin: “Here in Greenville, we are blessed with visionary individuals from both the public and private sectors who understand the importance of community reinvestment, and Greenville Revitalization will give them another tool to help bring their ideas to life.”