The Greenville Revitalization Corporation announced today that it was creating a Consulting Division within its company. The new Division will work with developers, realtors, property owners and business that wish to locate in the “Textile Crescent” and surrounding areas.

Steven Bryant, GRC Board Chair stated: “At a recent Board meeting it became clear that activity within the Textile Crescent was ramping up. Developers (both local and out of town) have found this long-neglected portion of Greenville County. Our mission, knowledge of the area and contacts within the community, make it clear that we should work with these interested developers and business owners.”

GRC is a non-profit organization formed by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority with a mission to bring economic opportunity back to the Textile Crescent and other underserved areas of Greenville County. It has developed the former Woodside Mill Office building in conjunction with Goodwill of the Midlands and the Upstate; it is building the Textile Heritage Park across from Monaghan Mill; and is developing a new mixed commercial and residential building in City View. Its Board is made up of business leaders in Greenville and representatives of GCRA’s Board. (A list is attached).

Doug Dent, GRC CEO stated: “When the mills were active, they were self contained units, i.e. they had their own stores, doctors, recreation, schools, etc. When they left so did all the services for the area. But today, I get calls most every week from a different developer, realtor, or property owner wanting information regarding property or possibilities for the area. It just makes sense that we serve these interested individuals and groups who want to invest in this underserved portion of our County. The residents of the area will benefit form jobs, services and opportunities that have previously only been available to other parts of Greenville County.”

He continued; “With the redevelopment of the Woodside, Judson and American Spinning Mills and the new construction planned for Poe Mill and Hampton Avenue Extension, there will be 2,000+ new residents in the area who will need services. While some new commercial activity has taken place in West Greenville and at Hampton Station, the needs of the residents are substantial. Currently there are no dentists, banks, grocery stores, clothing stores, lawyers, realtors, accountants, insurance agents in the area and the list goes on. We hope to remedy that problem, creating jobs for the residents in the process.”

For additional information or questions please call Doug Dent, (864) 242-9801 ext.122 or (864) 423-0697. Email address [email protected].