GRC Welcomes New Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

The Greenville Revitalization Corporation (GRC) welcomes Kennedy Mayers as CEO Douglas Dent’s assistant for the summer of 2019. Mayers is a Greenville resident who attends Winthrop University, where she is studying Business Administration and is working as the Coordinator General for Winthrop’s Model United Nations program.

Kennedy Mayers Assistant to the CEO GRC

The Greenville Revitalization Corporation (GRC) is a South Carolina nonprofit corporation whose mission 

is to bring economic opportunity back to the Textile Crescent of Greenville County. It was established in 2012 as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority. GRC operates primarily with private donated funds and has received grants from several foundations and organizations in Greenville County and other parts of the State of South Carolina.


For comments or questions call:

Douglas Dent, CEO

242-9801 ext.122;                       

Kennedy Mayers, Executive Assistant

242-9801 ext. 123;