A New Website for Greenville Revitalization Corporation

In 2012, the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) established Greenville Revitalization Corporation (GRC), a non-profit dedicated to bringing economic development opportunities to Greenville County’s Textile Crescent. This spring, GRC announced the launch of a newly designed website. This enhanced and revised site provides information on the GRC, its current projects and its joint project with the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA) at the Forge site on Poinsett Highway, the former Piedmont Shirt Factory.

Board Chairman Wil Brasington stated, “Our new website is much more informative and user-friendly than our previous site. It showcases all of our current projects and offers the world information regarding our efforts to revitalize the Textile Crescent of Greenville County and Poinsett Highway Corridor. We are going to make the development of this property a catalyst for future growth along Poinsett Highway.”

Bringing Opportunity Back

Our homepage features a unique graphic illustrating a textile mill landscape, with details specific to Greenville County, SC, including Paris Mountain. The headline states our noble mission in modest terms: “The Men and Women of The Textile Crescent Put Greenville on The Map. Let’s Bring Opportunity Back.”

greenville revitalization corporation greenville sc

Visitors can explore the work of Greenville Revitalization, learn more about how to get involved, and gain information about the featured opportunities. Using the widely-trusted payment system, PayPal, donors can easily contribute to the Monaghan Textile Heritage Park or provide a general donation to the organization.

Greenville Revitalization proudly displays the names of our community partners on the website. 

Greenville Revitalization’s mission is deeply rooted in Greenville County’s history. Website visitors can gain a better understanding of the area and the historic landmarks that make up the Textile Crescent by viewing an interactive map on the Area Reference section of the website. For a more expansive history, the About page is a great place to learn about our story.

Redesigning our website gives us an opportunity to show what has been done to promote economic growth in that area and what can be done in the future to continue to breath economic life back into this once vital part of Greenville’s economy,” says GRC’s CEO Doug Dent. He continues, “Development of a signature project on the Forge Site will show what the Poinsett Corridor can be and provide jobs for those still living in the area after the Textile industry left.”

Keeping in Touch with the Greenville Community

In the words of GRC Board member and former GRC Chair Joe Erwin, “Here in Greenville, we are blessed with visionary individuals from both the public and private sectors who understand the importance of community reinvestment, and Greenville Revitalization will give them another tool to help bring their ideas to life.”

The new website serves as a starting point for Greenville Revitalization to get in touch with the Greenville community.

To learn more about GRC, contact Doug Dent at [email protected] or call (864) 242-9801 x122.

Greenville Revitalization Corporation is a 501(C) (3) non-profit entity which was established by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority to bring economic opportunity back to the Textile Crescent and the many former textile mill communities and adjoining neighborhoods that it contains. It was recently listed in the GSA Business Report Book of Lists under Economic Development agencies and has partnered with Goodwill Industries to bring a YouthBuild job training program to the former office of Woodside Mill in West Greenville.